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The Program

Auburn's Environmental Design program educates nimble and adaptable designers who are ready to deal with complex issues in our built environment. Auburn's Environmental Design takes aspects from many design fields and combines them together in one degree that teaches problem-solving skills through design and systems thinking. Environmental Design students understand that all design and construction disciplines are connected, and sustainable practices are an essential part of local and global design.

What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation and problem solving that is not discipline specific and hence can be used to tackle complex issues in both design and non-design issues.

What is Systems Thinking?

Systems thinking is an analysis-based problem solving method that looks at a system as a whole and its parts, as well as relationships between the parts.

What can I do with this Degree?

The possibilities are endless with a degree in Environmental Design.

An Environmental Design degree provides you with critical thinking and design skills that tackle present, and anticipate future, challenges in the build environment. Our students are poised to change the world - either through furthering their studies with a graduate degrees in a number of disciplines, or moving into the professional world and starting to build their influence as collaborative, nimble, and creative leaders who make a positive difference every day.

Our alumni are already adding their mark to the future through their work as designers, planers, interior designers, and design and marketing consultants, in places such as Disney World, Orlando, Meyer Davis Architects, New York City, Marx-Okubo, Atlanta/Denver/San Francisco, LORD Green Real Estate Strategies in Dallas, Texas, Factory OS, Vallejo, California, WinShape Foundation in Rome, Ga., Assa Abloy in Kansas City, MO., Design Environments in Atlanta, GA., STC in Bartlesville, OK., and Trees Atlanta non-profit group; they are also employed by a number of construction companies such as Robins & Morton, Holder Construction, Gilbane Building Company and others.

A number of our students continue their education with a graduate degrees in construction management, architecture, planning, communication design, and landscape architecture. Some of the schools that our students were accepted, or are attending, are:

. Construction management: Auburn University

. Architecture: Oregon, Clemson, University of Michigan 

. Historic Preservation : University of Georgia

. Urban Planning and Design: MIT, Pratt Institute, Cornell University, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

. Landscape Architecture: Cornell University, university of Georgia, Harvard University, Ohio State University, Auburn University

. Sustainable Urban Environments: Northeastern University

. Communication Design : Pratt Institute