Ferrell sullivan is a superwoman!

Ferrell Sullivan is a junior in Environmental Design (pre-Landscape Architecture track), who will this summer start her master’s degree in Landscape Architecture program at Auburn University.

In addition to taking a full slate of ENVD courses this spring semester, Ferrell is ls an active member of Auburn Outdoors (she is a climbing technician who sets routes on the climbing wall, teaches classes about belaying/climbing, and does a regular maintenance on the climbing wall). She is also a Trip Leader who takes students on trips ranging from local to cross country as well as from beginner to advanced skill; leads them through camp set up, backcountry cooking, gear maintenance, navigation knowledge, leave no trace principles.

As an Office of Sustainability intern, Ferrell is charged with a number of tasks, most notably:

a. Website Design (partnering with V3 Media Group to create a new website for auburn.edu/sustainability)  

 b. Digest Design (using the website as a template to redesign our monthly email into a clearer and informative email)

  c. Event Planner (all around helping and collaborating with events such as the Sustainability Picnic, Trashed [our film we showed] Trash Audit, Heather Hackman Talk, Skip the Straw Day)

 d. Bicycle Friendly Campus (newly apart of this campus effort task force to create a more bicycle friendly campus in partner with Facilities [Ben Burmester] , Parking Services [Don Andrae], Auburn Outdoors [Scott Dirksen], and my boss Amy Strickland through our office)

 3. Ferrell is also a co-founder of an event that she and two other design majors are working on launching next fall:  a. Interdisciplinary focused event with a design theory basis to encourage students to work together with other majors than their own while creating an answer to a given prompt through brainstorming, drawings, prototypes and explanation; b. Extra-credit motivated event where select faculty from a range of majors are asked to attend and help inspire different thought processes and give direction when a group is stumped.

And, if this is not enough, Ferrell works at Moores Mill Country Club (on the weekends when she can) and an event waitress, server and a hostess.