music and mental health project

ENVD 4010 course in 2018 fall semester did a group project that asked: what if design and music could improve our overall mental wellbeing? The National Alliance on Mental Health reports that more than 25 percent of college students have been diagnosed or treated for a mental health condition within the past year.

Students studied the influence of design and in particular, live music on mental health. From their research, they have designed various ways for students to encounter music throughout Auburn’s campus. Their final proposal is a subject of Tiger Giving Day Campaign this February 21st. With the money raised from the fundraising event, students will construct two pieces - Auburn Stages - and position them in key campus locations. Once the structures are completed, students, led by Professor Magdalena Garmaz, will observe the health benefits achieved by Auburn University students interacting with the projects.

Professors Magdalena Garmaz and Jennifer Smith (ENVD) are leading the project with Professor Alfredo Palacios (Special Education), and Professors Benjamin Buergel and Virginia Kunzek (both from Music) who are also involved with the study.