ALUM spotlight : foster denney

After graduating from ENVD in the sprIng of ‘18 Foster continued to work hard. Over the summer he worked as a freelance graphic designer, doing most of his work for a climbing company, and supplemented his income at a fine dinning restaurant. Shortly after the summer was over, he packed his bags and drove to the mountains of Mexico to volunteer at Él Búho, a non-profit cafe. There he pursued two of his favorite passions, coffee and climbing while simultaneously helping the construction of a school in an impoverished area. His time there was unforgettable and would do it again without a doubt.

Currently, he is exploring all of the beauty South America has to offer from cultural differences, immaculate nature, to great coffee and interesting urban design. There he has the privilege to practice his Spanish skills and broaden his perspective on the different ways one can live. He plans to learn about true sustainable living by volunteering at a the Tierra Langla permaculture farm. Despite the nomadic nature of his travels, he still finds time to read, draw, and paint. He suggests to anyone if they have the opportunity to travel, even for a small amount of time, to do it.