Brent Warr

 Brenton (Brent) Warr is a senior in Environmental Design program with a minor in Marketing. He is a proud Eagle Scout from Bainbridge, Georgia, whose college path has been shaped by his connection with nature and farm life.

 Brent has been on a Dean’s list from a beginning of his studies in CADC. In his ENVD classes, Brent has focused on issues of adaptive reuse, creating a series of distinctive and thoughtful projects that are deeply contextual and impeccably researched.

He has presented his work in Undergraduate research Symposium, and is a recipient of  2018 best e-portfolio award at Auburn University.  Brent’s commitment to ENVD program, CADC, and Auburn University, is outstanding. His contributions to Environmental Design Student Organization, and SGA Freshman Leadership Program at Auburn, where he was an assistant director, have been integral to these organizations’ growth. As if this is not enough, in his other life Brent is a Friend of Aubie – and, since last year, has completed more than 1,200 different appearances as an Auburn ambassador.